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Ellis Walentine
A finial on a very elongated piece like this might be too emphatic -- I'd like to see some options -- but I think there needs to be something at the top to resolve the overall appearance, perhaps a low-rise collar of some sort, raised slightly from the top shoulder, and probably of the same wood as the foot.

Apropos of this finial discussion, I was reminded of one we had about 6 years ago, in the context of a piece I made for CharlieB's pay-it-forward redwood project. See link below.

And, on a total tangent, regarding different styles and methods of work -- and probably worth another discussion -- I was always struck by how coherent systems of thought and workmanship are each self-contained, internally consistent and capable of producing the finest quality of work. As evidenced by Toshio Odate in the Japanese tradition, Frank Klausz in the Eastern European tradition, Alan Peters or Ian Kirby or Edward Barnsley in the British Arts & Crafts tradition, all were masters and they all approached design, craftsmanship and tooling differently, yet totally effectively. Then there are modern masters who follow no particular tradition but borrow from any that inform their vision.

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