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John K Jordan
I don't think much drawing skill is needed.

I sometime use graph paper, sometimes plain. I sketch one side of a shape while imagining both. (Some people hold a rectangular mirror on the centerline to envision the entire shape.) Then I transfer one side to the other by counting squares if graph paper, perhaps by folding and tracing if it is plain paper. I put the sketches in a 3-ring binder and perhaps look at them much later.

I sometimes sketch a bunch of variations as small drawings then make some full-sized before deciding to turn the wood. The last lidded box I turned was after maybe six sketch variations.

The other way works for me too. If I turn something

The larger the piece, the more perspective and viewing distance affects the shape. Even photographing is a challenge. Fortunately I don't do many large pieces.

BTW, don't get me wrong - I often mount a chunk of wood and just turn. Often that works well too.


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