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Don Evans
Almost 20 years ago now, I was in the market for a compressor and found what I was looking for at Northern Tools. If there is one close to you check them out.
Mine is a 80 gal tank 175 psi that has work with no trouble so far.
It will run anything I throw at it.
One caution, the first regulator you connect to one with that much psi in the tank requires that it NOT have a plastic moisture trap on the bottom. You have to use one that is metal bottom. That one you use to lower the pressure (mine is set to 100 psi) then you can connect other plastic bottom ones that are rated for 125 psi and use those outputs.
I wonder is part of your problem may be the 90 psi you are set for cause if that is the case when you push the handle on the tool it is probably dropping to around 80 psi or lower at the tool? Most air tools I am familiar with require 90 to operate correctly.

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