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John K Jordan
>>>I have been thinking of buying a new compressor. The one I have will not run air tools. I have had my eye on a ingersoll-rand. It's 60 gal single stage 14.1cfm@90psi. 135psi max. 5 hp, 230 volt. Will this run air tools?

It should run air tools. I've run them from smaller compressors. I use a similar IR 60-gal 5hp compressor but it it two-stage and pumps to 160psi. I keep the output regulated to 90 psi. It might supply a tool a bit longer before it cuts in but not much. The single-stage you mentioned should be perfect for the shop and run all common air tools including impact drivers and random orbital sanders. I was using the little Grex air-operated random orbital sander tonight (it uses a lot of air!)


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