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David Smith
I suppose I may be the odd man out as I don't mind turning green pine. We have ponderosa pine around here and I don't find it to be as sappy as blue spruce. I recently had to cut down a tree in my front yard and decided to turn a bowl from it, rather than having to deal with a bunch of sap I instead had water gushing down the flute of my bowl gouge. Most of the sap I see is towards the outer part of the round, closer to the bark. I suppose its fair to say I deal with more sap that is oozing on the outside of the log than I am with any on the inside. Here is a photo of the bowl I started from one of the rounds I cut from my tree. Unfortunately I've been in bed with pneumonia for the past week and can't get out to finish this. This is probably the most blue I've seen in any pine around here.

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