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Re: Even old growth pine is impossible to sand

Mike Stafford
I just finished a box turned from heart pine that came from a warehouse that was built in the 1840's. It smelled as if it was cut yesterday.

It was very hard, very dry and I was able to cut it quite cleanly except on the bottom of the inside of the box. I had tear out there that I had to deal with. Managed to get most of it out with a sharp scraper.

Then I sanded with (heaven forbid) a 60 grit disc to remove the remainder. I found out a long time ago that it is best to start with a really coarse disc and work your way up from there when dealing with tear out. I power sanded the rest of the inside and cleaned the discs frequently with a gum eraser stick. I did wipe out the interior frequently with turpentine as John suggested to remove the stickiness. I had more trouble with the paper I was using for hand sanding as it did gum up but I just threw it away and got another piece.

You should use sandpaper like John Lucas is paying for it.

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