Turning Archive

Of all the things I've had and lost.....

Barry Irby
.... I miss my mind the most.

I have been turning some ornaments. Mounted a Jacobs chuck in the tail stock for two operations. Changing the bit back and forth was getting tedious. I realized I have a second chuck left over from a smaller lathe, but it has a No. 1 Morse taper and I need No. 2.

After days of fiddling and switching I began to wonder why I hung onto the older chuck if it was too small. I decided I need to buy an adapter. Was wondering if Woodcraft stocks them or would I have to order one. Very slowly it dawned on me that I used to have one. Even more slowly the memories of using it came back. Where would it be? Must be in the lathe cabinet. It has six drawers. There is a buffing wheel. There it was. Then I remembered making the drift to remove it. So, I am back in business.

But it worries me that it took a LONG time to piece this back together.

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