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Re: Concrete vs Wood floor

Jeff Smith
In my new shop, I didn’t have the option of a poured slab. the crawlspace under the turning area is nearly 5’...joists were the only viable option (or a megalithic pour, but living on a small island, the transportation costs would have been megalithic, too)
Even with 2x12’s on 12” centers the lathe wanted to go walkabout with a lage, unbalanced blank (Robust AB 3hp - nearly 900 lbs with tools and whatnot attached). I added two beams directly under the lathe legs and jacked them in place. Its solid as a rock now.
There’s been a huge difference in comfort while turning on the wood floor over my old shops slab. I think the warmth helps, too, but I have much less foot, ankle and knee pain after a day in the shop.

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