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David Walser
Barry -- Yes, it makes a difference. How much of a difference depends on the individual, how long they will be standing or walking on the surface, how much weight they might carry, and how solid the floor might be. (A wood floor built on top of a concrete pad will have less give than one that's built on joists. And, how close together and how the joists are supported also factor in.)

Our bodies are remarkably sensitive to such differences. I try to run for exercise regularly. My usual route takes me over concrete (sidewalks), asphalt (roadway), and compacted dirt (graded dirt road). If I run far on the concrete, my feet and ankles will tell me that was a stupid idea. Running on the asphalt is better, but not by much. Running on the compacted dirt, which is fairly hard -- this is Arizona after all, doesn't bother my joints. Another route takes me on an asphalt bike/jogging path. The asphalt is laid over compacted dirt. That's even easier on my body.

So yes, there is a difference in the 'give' between wooden and concrete floors. However, that difference, while good for your feet, isn't good for using your machinery. If there is enough give to make a difference on your joints, there is enough give to introduce vibration.

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