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Re: Shop floor is concrete (so far)

Jeff Smith
After turning on a concrete floor for many years, the new shop has wood floors - so far 1-1/4 plywood on 2x12 joists on 1’ centers, fully insulated from below. The difference on the feet is remarkable. I did need to set 2 4x8 beams on jacks directly under the lathe area, but with a crawlspace that’s about 5 feet high, not too difficult to get accomplished on my own.
Eventually the plan is to install pine flooring over the ply - with minimal finish - it is a shop afterall. Things drop, greenwood ‘juice’ and shavings leave their residue...its all character.
The warmth (or lack of cold concrete) along with the gentle give of the wood floor really makes standing for long periods a lot less tiresome. I haven’t bothered to put in the anti-fatigue mat I used to use, but may in the future. Just icing on the cake.

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