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Re: OK, so the tap is turned by means of....

roger lance
That's right.....use a wrench to turn the tap.....or, in the case of smaller taps, you might use a tap wrench to turn the tap. The tap is turned by hand.....not powered by the lathe.

BTW, if you didn't use this spring center tap guide, you would still have to use some sort of cone shaped device to help center/align the tap.....but, now you would have to also be advancing the tail stock as you were advancing the tap.

The whole idea here is that you have a better, more accurate, more controlled way of tapping various pieces by doing it on the lathe rather than doing it on a drill press. The wood blank you are going to tap is faced off flat on the lathe, then drilled to accept the tap on the lathe, and then its tapped on the lathe.....all with the same set-up.....never removed between procedures.....that way you are insuring that everything is straight and true as much as possible.

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