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Don Evans
Take a look at this LED fixture, not suggesting you purchase them from main land but this is the fixture I will go with when I redo my shop. I'm suggesting this type for you main lighting. These are NOT bulb type, instead they have a strip of LED's.
If you do a search on Rockler you'll see some LED's with metal shroud around them, they make excellent lights for a workbench or over the lathe etc
I have 2 of the 2500 lumen one over my lathe and 3 on articulating arm over the workbench. Also of these 4400 lumen in another area on a swinging arm I made out of 1" x 3" pine that reaches off the wall. I swing it one way and it adds light to a counter top and swing in from there and move my router table under if when using it. Works great.
At present I have flourecents on the 9 foot ceiling but will change them to the LED fixtures some day.
For those of you with buzzing Flouresent fixtures more than likely you have higher wattage bulbs than the transformer is rated for. You can fix that with higher rated transformers or lower the bulb wattage you are using..

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