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Old Delta tailstock..... ()

roger lance
The old Delta tail stocks are self ejecting (as far as I know).....there is no accommodation for a knockout bar.....but, the live center has to have a long enough MT2 shank to work....to be self ejected.

Otherwise, the suggestion to use some sort of screw driver or other form of a wedge between the live center body and the tail stock as you are backing the quill/live center into the tail stock will work.....it doesn't take much to break the live center free when doing this.

Hopefully, we are not talking about a situation where these parts have sat together for years and years and have rusted/fused.

Given the fact that there were so many of these old Delta 12" lathes made.....and that they are not held in high regard by today's lathe standards, replacement parts should be available.

Good luck.

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