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Jim Barbour
Speaking of Pintos, I had a 1970 - one of the first to come out. Before gearing up stateside to make them Ford market tested roughly 6,000 with Tanus engines from Germany and modified bodies made in Canada. I got one of those for $2,400 off the showroom floor - the second sold in the state of KY. Some years later I was in Germany and helping my landlord work on his car. The engine looked a lot like mine. When I got back to the states I looked carefully at mine and realized that everything on the engine in English was on a sticker - pulling them off revealed the German underneath. That's when I searched around and found I had one of the originals.

I took it in for all the various recalls and was told every time that "this does not apply to yours." Ended up selling it for more than I paid, but wish I had it still. It was just like this one - Butterscotch and all:

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