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Pintos and lathes
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John K Jordan
>>>It's like praising a 1974 Pinto.

I had a green 74 pinto - paid $650 for it. I did have to put a junk yard engine in it first thing but hey, that was only $200 and a great education. That car was reliable transportation for me for years. I loved that car.

One of my carpoolers always talked about the reports of how these cars tended to catch on fire when hit in the rear. One day a jeep ran into the back at a red light while that guy was sitting in the back seat. He was so in shock he couldn't even move to get out of the car! (No injuries) After whining and moaning the insurance paid me about twice what I had in the car.

I had the smashed car sitting at my house for months when one day I saw one just like it with the front smashed in. A knock on the door led to selling the car to a guy who wanted to combine them into one! That car turned out to be a good investment.

Maybe it wasn't the best car ever made but it sure did get me around. I suspect the lathe discussed here could be used to turn wood.


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