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roger lance
Thanks to Lan and David for your reassurance regarding this lathe. I happened to acquire it from a local tool company when they made a business move to discontinue selling small woodworking machines and rather concentrate on servicing the local commercial building firms (brilliant decision as this was perfectly timed before the commercial building explosion that occurred in Grand Rapids).

Over time, I bought a lot of Delta equipment. I got the lathe because they made me a very good deal. But, I had no prior experience with a lathe.....really, did not know what I was buying.....but, felt somewhat confident about this tool as there were so many in use.....especially in schools.

But, Dick was right.....this lathe was extremely loud when running.....so, I undertook to find ways to quit it down including sitting the lathe leveled on rubber spacers and then bolting it to the concrete floor.....and also placing a rubber door stop under the motor mount plate.....

which really quieted things considerably......can now have normal conversations and listened to the radio while working at the lathe.

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