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David Walser
Roger -- My 1st lathe, the Harbor Freight #34706, doesn't have a spindle lock. It doesn't even have a hand wheel. To lock the spindle, I use a wrench. To make using the wrench easier, I made a "saddle" out of wood that fits in the "gap" between the headstock and the ways of the lathe's bed. The saddle fits over the bed of the lathe and holds the wrench in place. Typically, I leave the saddle in place as it generally doesn't get in the way when turning.

The saddle is constructed of plywood and is U-shaped. In use, the 'U' sits upside down on the bed of the lathe, in the gap and against the headstock. On the "bottom" of the U (the top-side in use), I've screwed a piece of 2x4 that was sized to fit into the wrench's open end and is tall enough to hold the wrench up against the spindle. To use, I simply slightly rotate the spindle to allow the wrench to slide onto the spindle while sliding over the 2x4 spline on the saddle. Quick and easy. The saddle locks the spindle fairly securely, but if need to use a lot of force, I support the wrench with one hand while applying force with the other. I hope my description makes sense.

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