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Jim Barbour
Since some lathes have a headstock that actually rotates for outboard turning, and this one does not appear to do so I am assuming you want to stop the spindle from rotating in the headstock, not the headstock itself rotating relative to the ways.

Many lathes have flats on the back end of the spindle and a dedicated wrench, like the one on the wall in your picture, to hold it while you remove a chuck. Others, mine among them, have a hole through the handwheel on the back end of the spindle through which a bar is inserted. On mine when I added a vacuum chuck I covered the hole and had to resort to other methods - yours may have such a hole under the handwheel.

One thing that will help keep chucks from seizing is to add a nylon washer between the chuck seat and the chuck itself. Others will point out that this will make the chuck to lathe contact less firm and thus less accurate in very small work, but many others will point out that they have never found a problem - probably due not working to the 10,000ths tolerance that some master turners attain. These washers are available from most dealers, or can simply be cut from an old milk jug or similar.

What is the make and model?

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