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John K Jordan
>>>Trying to sharpen a spindle gouge with the Tormek Universal Grinding Jig, SVD-180 but the shaft of the gouge is too small for the SVD-180 to grip it no matter what orientation I put the clamping pad.

Do you mean the gouge shaft diameter is too small? What is the diameter? Or is it a shallow flute, if so what is the outside height to the top of the flute? - I could check mine and see if I have one like yours. I sharpen 1/4" spindle gouges on mine and it grips OK. I don't think I have any spindle gouges smaller than 1/4".

Do we have the same brass clamping piece? Mine looks like a hat upside down. I didn't know it could be installed in different orientations. The model I have is older, over a decade old.


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