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William Rogers
I appreciate all the recommendation. This is what I have decided to do; I am not going to try piece it out as with what I have makes this a very good system. I am going to offer to our club members first at a low price, if there are no takers I will post in the classifieds. JKJ, I'll talk to our club President on how to contact nearby clubs. I intend to price below market of similar lathes that do not have the accessories I have. I'm not looking to squeeze every nickel out of it and want someone to have a nice system. If all fails I'll start piecing things out, but I think it will sell in a reasonable time. This is what I will offer

PM 90 lathe 1 hp single phase raised 18" swing
350rpm to 2100rpm speed range
1 spur drive, 1 live center, spacer for chuck attachment
1 6" faceplate and 1 3 1/4" faceplate.
5 Robust tool rest, 12" straight, 4" straight, inside bowl, outside bowl, 9" J rest.
Off set banjo allowing full advantage of 18" swing
Index plate, locking with multiple set points
Made vacuum rotary adapter on extra out board face plate. No pump

Just for fun what price would you recommend

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