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Re: Shop Class Safety

Don Orr
This is the type of program we need in as many high schools as possible these days. Real life training for real jobs that are stable and pay well. I have been arguing for many years that schools are doing our youth a major disservice by forcing everyone towards college and ignoring the trades. There are tons of good jobs available right now in manufacturing, construction, automotive, etc. with very few trained people to fill them. We are still one of the largest manufacturing countries in the world but we don't train anyone to work there. If everyone has to get some often useless college degree, who is going to build their homes and maintain them ? Who is going to repair and maintain their cars? Who is going to build the schools, factories, roads, bridges, etc.? Who is going to drive the trucks, and maintain them, that deliver the supplies and products? Sure we still need engineers and teachers and doctors and nurses and business people to keep things running and growing, but all job options need to be presented in our high schools and the paths to get there. The program shown here is an excellent example of how things can and should work. These kids seem very excited and motivated to have this opportunity to build a future for themselves. Sure there is a significant expense for the schools, but aren't our kids worth it? A joint program of employers, high schools and community colleges could easily train a new workforce to keep us on the front lines of economic growth and stability. A few minor safety issues can be dealt with more easily than a major lack of trained workers for the future. College is not for everyone. You can make a very nice living in the trades as many here can attest to.
Rant off-for now.

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