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The Osprey is round, the Hercules is rectangular

john lucas
I have a design in mind that I'm going to play with, although I may not get to build it until next weekend. I'll use the large Hunter cutter and mount it so that it will face the wall of a vessel. I'm going to try and make a wooden mock up today with swiveling joints so that I can play with the angle of the cutter to get a shear scrape on as much of the inside of a hollow vessel as I can reach with one tool. These cutters leave a very smooth finish when used as shear scrapers and I think If I can find the right angle this will be a very good tool for final cleaning up of hollow forms.
right now I'm still playing with the #1 mounted in a lyle Jamieson swiveling head. If your really careful you can get a really good finish. The problem is the cutter cuts so easily it takes a lot of skill to get a smooth finish with no dips where the cutter takes too big of a bite. Probably if I did a lot more hollow forms I would learn to use this tool. I'm hoping my design with the larger cutter and a shear angle will give a clean cut without the little dips.

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