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I'm going to do a test this weekend *LINK*
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john lucas
Mark I am going out to the shop and look shortly. I have a new tool from Mike Hunter called the Clewes 1st mate and 2nd mate. Although they were designed for use similar to a scraper they cut much cleaner. However I think they can be used with the cutter facing the wall of the vessel where they cut like a shear scraper and leave a very nice finish. I do that already with a #5 straight tool and #5 full swan neck. These tools work fantastic but the shank is relatively short so wouldn't be good for larger vessels. Well the Swan neck tool would because you would be using that mostly for under the lip. Using the #5 straight tool for my boxes I hardly have to sand the inside, usually just touch up with 320 or 400 grit.

Anyway I want to take the Mate tools and see if they can be used this way. Then shank is longer and larger and should reach the bottom of taller vessels. I'll try to do that sometime today and see what I think. If you want to see how the Hunter tools work, and they are fantastic, go to youtube and check out some of my videos. I'll post one here, I have several on the different tools and how they are used.

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