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Re: Welcome back, and I've often wondered.....

Hi Jamie,
Yeah, I am still hot and heavy in the shooting stuff, too. So dividing my no-so-free time with it and turning. Turning is the more creative side.

Yes, I first saw some German made ring tool with a limiter, that the Crown seems to be a near copy of.

I first bought a Pro-Form, but while I have not fully explored it, I am not that thrilled with it.

I got anxious yesterday, and went ahead and ordered the Crown, and will see for myself...............ordered from Amazon so it will be easy to return, but even if I do not like the ring cutter, it come with some scrapers and the articulated head that may be useful in and of itself. I have piece on the lathe now with a small opening and cannot quite get to the spot I want to for some final finishing at a spot you can just feel if you stick your finger in.......that none of my other tools can get too.


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