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Good to hear from a turner of your experience and caliber, John. Yes, I have done half and half forms, and probably will in the future, but I find that no matter how good you are, it is tough to build two halves with thin walls and get them to match up really well with segment alignment, etc (talking 3/8" walls or maybe less). I have always preferred to build the forms up (full or half and half) with about 3/4 of an inch thick walls, then do final shaping (sometimes the shape evolves differently than the original plan), and then work on that final wall thickness. Even with a 3/4" wall, on a 12"plu high piece, there is not alot of strength or stability, and you have to use some sort of Carter-type multi-rest.

I have yet to haul out my old Jamieson Captured Hollowing System, and that may be the way I end up.


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