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Keith Newton
First, I can report that putting it in the fridge halted it for the night. I initially thought about going into the freezer, but I'm now at the point of wanting to start drying, and though having it frozen might cause another issue with surface drying while the core was still bound frozen.

I did thing about adding household bleach, but didn't like the idea of using that while I was still carving. Isn't it corrosive to steel? I was also concerned about breathing the dust or fumes. I wrecked my respiratory system once cleaning up the interior of an old BMW car that I bought which had been parked for a year with one window down. The back floor footwells were full of water, and everything was mildewed.

Ive decided that if I can't carve the little bit off, I'll do the two part bleach on the outside.

I've done a fair amount of carving over the last fifty years, and thought by now I could choose a chunk to start with. However, I missed something this time, and had to fight this project to get it this far. After roughing the blank on the bandsaw, and turning some of the base and hollowing the round bowl, then stretching it into an ellipse, When I started sculpting the shape on down, this wood, which was growing extremely fast through these years, was acting a lot like reaction wood. It really wanted to fuzz up if I used coarse abrasives, or if the chisel went even the slightest against the grain. About half way to carving it this far, I was wishing I had tossed it when the first signs appeared, but this was already the second attempt. After shaping the inside of the first, I cut through from the outside of it.

While I wasn't trying to get perfectly smooth flutes, I sort of wanted a bit of freehand crudeness, but I'm not quite getting that. This is sort of a new direction for me. It started out to be a bird form, with two eagle heads facing opposite where the V starts along the long sides, but I wasn't liking how they were working, so ditched that and headed another way.

Here is a link to where it is this morning. Since I worked through the weekend, I'm going to take off now and may not be able to get back for a couple

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