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holding pencils with magnets *PIC*
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John K Jordan
Hey, we think alike!

I've been hanging a variety of pencils and sharpies from magnets. I fasten the magnets to a machine or to a wood surface with screws. The pencils and things have a couple of wraps of the soft iron wire that used to be called bailing wire, now sometimes called tie wire. The wire will fit anything. If the wire doesn't hold tight enough I hold it on with a bit of aluminum tape.

I stick the pencils to several places: the front of the bandsaw, on a false front on little shelves just behind my lathes. I find the magnetic Sharpie holders especially useful at the bandsaw when converting green logs to turning blanks. (I use the click kind for one hand operation.)

A pencil is always handy! I've been evangelizing this for some time and I think I finally got a convert recently. :-)


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