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john lucas
My shop is my escape so I guess I'll always have one. I have the biggest shop I have ever had right now and it's really nice but my wife and I both are looking at what it will take to downsize a few more years down the road. The yard is too big and requires a lot of work. The house also both inside and out. The big shop is nice but of course the building isn't new and requires looking after. So once we have been here long enough to maybe make some money on this place we will be downsizing big time.
I think I can do with a lot less equipment if I simply decide to. At one point in my life I thought I would have to get buy with a small shed. I looked at what I like to do and decided that with a lathe, bandsaw, hand tools, carving tools and a workbench I could get buy. Hopefully I won't have to go that small. I'd like to keep my small jointer and planer. Downsize the table saw to very tiny. All on rollers so they can be stored. Sell the big lathe and keep the midi. Downsize the dust collector and sell the big air compressor. Wipe on finishes will work fine instead of needing to spray.
The plus side of having a big shop. I don't have any inheritance for my kid. Life insurance will probably only cover funeral expenses + a little. I have contacted an auction company in town who will action off all the shop and give the proceeds to my son. So in some ways if I hang around a while and stay healthy having a big shop will pay off for someone.

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