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I have several youtube videos that show *LINK*

john lucas
David I have made several videos that show the 3 ways I use the tools. One is as a scraper, one as a shear scraper and one as bevel rubbing. To find them go to www.youtube.com and then type in john60lucas/Hunter Below will be a link to first one that started the whole thing.
what started the whole thing was Mike came out with the #4 which is a straight bar with the cutter mounted flat. I could see immediately that presenting this to the work with the cutter up was a disaster. However tilted to one side and riding the bevel it made an incredibly clean cut. Later he came out with the Hercules and Osprey that have the cutter mounted at a 30 degree downward angle. That tool works great with the cutter pointed up but also works just like a bowl gouge when you rotate the tool to the side and do a push cut just like a bowl gouge.

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