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Re: seriously offset turning

john lucas
That's my stack of index wheels. IronfireLLC is the yellow one made of some sort of really tough flexible plastic. Had if for more than 10 years. Around $25 I think. A good wheel that's very inexpensive. Alisam is the blue aluminum one. Comes with the index pin alignment bar. About $100. I made my own flexible index bar that I much prefer to theirs. The bottom one is my homemade jig. About 50 cents. Works just as well for some things. I can draw as many index lines as I want. If you want 13 or 27 or 41 or some other index that doesn't come with the more expensive ones I can do it with that one. All of mine are for 1 1/4 spindles but they make them for 1"
I've been using them for the Galaxy mirrors.

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