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seriously offset turning *PIC*

john lucas
Been working on several new mirrors. One that I'm really proud of is called If John Jordan made a hand mirror. It was really fun. I designed it many years ago and had forgotten about it. I was going through my old drawings of ideas and found it. I'll take a photo in a few days along with this one and another one that I'm finishing. These are really different than my traditional ones.

I'm starting a new mirror. This one is seriously offset. This is the first step. I haven't done anything this extreme in a long time. I found the Clewes 1st mate tool made by Hunter to be an excellent choice for this. I turned some using a bowl gouge, then round nose negative rake scraper and finally the 1st mate. I think it was far less stressful and easier to control than the other 2. Still tool a fair amount of skill. There is another chunk of wood hot glued to the backside of this faceplate to counter balance it.

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