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GaryG in MD
I rarely get to turn any more because I have to turn outside, and "life" and "weather" tend to get in the way. Anyway, I had a nice day recently and managed to get the finial turned for this HF. The HF was an exercise in hollowing the shoulder of a flat-top form. The finial is straight from the cover of American Woodturner Vol.29 #1 (Feb. 2014). 7-1/8" high and 5" diameter -- pretty much Golden Ratio. The HF is Bradford pear, with a little cambium left on one side for decoration, finished with rattlecan shellac rubbed out to 4k with Abralon, and the finial is "canarywood" (an exotic) finished with a couple coats of Behlen's 100% pure tung oil, rubbed out to Abralon 4k.

C&C welcome and encouraged. Yes, I know the finial dominates the HF. The plan was for what I hoped would be a good balance of the whole. In real life, in three dimensions, I think the balance is better than in this 2D view. It's in the eye of the beholder -- you tell me. ...GG

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