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John K Jordan
>>>The ones shaped like bells sold best.

I've never tried to sell an ornament (except those donated for charity are sold), but I also found out the bell ornaments were in hot demand as gifts! I haven't had a single person turn one down. :-)

I didn't research the proportions but ended up with the same diameter-to-flare ratio by the eyeball method. I turn a small piece with a tenon to fit through the top of the bell and glue into a hole in the handle. I cut one in half to show:

I do one thing different now which is a little quicker: instead of putting eyes on both ends of the connecting wire I put a loop in just the top and epoxy the straight bottom end into a hole drilled into the clapper.

I never measured the handles but these looked about right to me from what I remember watching a handbell choir. (this is an old picture from 9 years ago)

Way behind this year, headed to the shop this afternoon to make a few more.


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