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Barry Irby
John, those are beautiful and creative. And look like a lot of work. Hope you can get the price they deserve.

Two things. I made about forty ornaments and sold some at craft fairs. The ones shaped like bells sold best. Bells with handles. Teachers bells. Took a while to find the proportions. The bell is about the same diameter at the flare as the height. The handle is about 2 1/2 to three time the height of the bell. The handle penetrates through the top of the bell and the clapper hangs from the nub of the handle. I turned some clapper beads but also use boght beads. I also turned some out of little blocks of burl with ragged bottom edges. Those went well too.

Sold all of those I had and a few of the others. One person bought five of them. time for me to make more.

I like your finials and drops. I sometimes turn a little acorn on the bottom end. People recognised it and like it.

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