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CBN Again

Dale Bonertz
I have read and learned as much as I could about the cbn wheels. I decided to purchase one and give it a try. I chose the optigrind wheel and insert do to it being manufactured in Austria rather than China as I understand the other two available brands are made. I also chose the optigrind because it has a 3/4" (roughly) cbn section on the edge of the wheel which comes in handy for some sharpening applications. I ordered it from them and received it quickly and it was easy to install. This quality product ran true and is better than I could have imagined in sharpening my tools especially my V10 and V15 gouges. I am writing this as a shout out to them as I have no interest in the company/tool other than a satisfied customer. I highly recommend them. They cost a little more than the others but as a remodeling contractor by profession I am really tired of buying inferior tools/products from China. Keep up the good work optigrind.

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