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VBM and Etc..

Todd Hughes
>First VBM which stands for "Very Best Made" was just a logo that Sargent used on all thier tools from 1909 -1918 ...it is NOT a seperate line of planes and doesn't stand for a special high quality line of tools.Only means they were made between 1909 -1918. I've seen this logo on other Sargent tools like screwdrivers. Is like the sweet heart logo used by Stanley.
The Sargent plane you are talking about as somone else said is a Sargent Shaw's Patent plane. While the results are simular [easy to adjust solid bedded frog] to a Stanley Bedrock the frog and plane is a good bit differet. These planes are numbered from 7 [7in. long] to 24 [24 in. long] The regular Sargents have a 40 in front of thier numbers which corospond to how long they are too. These Shaw patent planes were only made from 1910-18 so you can see that all of them would have been VBM planes but...again not all VBM planes are Shaws Patent planes Right?
...I have a couple of these things somwhere, I would rate them as being uncommon to find. Most are probably worth about the same as a Stanley Bedrock at least they "book" about the same [maybe a bit lower]. Might be harder to sell a so so one as less people are looking for them as users. I think one of the things about them is that they look very simular to a regular Sargent unless you look behind the frog so alot of them probably get overlooked in the wild. I know one of the ones I found the only reason I noticed it was because I was standing at an auction waiting and just happened to look a little closer at a non descript plane and saw what it was. Would have been better marketing for Sargent if they used a distinctive lever cap / name or body style like Stanley did on thier Bedrocks I think.....Todd

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