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What you have is a Shaw's patent...

Bryan in Broad Ripple, IN
>What you have is a Shaw's patent VBM. The numbering for them is different verses the regular VBM line. For example, I have a Sargent #9 which is the Shaw's patent version of the Sargent #409. This is equivalent to a Stanley #4, BTW. I bought mine because the frog was so massive and I thought it might be something special. I was correct.

They are fairly rare, and pretty neat planes. The bedding on these may actually be superior to the Bedrocks in that the frog (and hence the blade) moves parallel to the sole rather than at an angle (like the Bedrock) when the frog is adjusted. Thus, the blade depth doesn't change when you adjust the frog. In addition, the wood is gorgeous on these planes as Sargent used a beautiful ribbon mahogany on them instead of rosewood.

They are reportedly quite valuable and "book" for $200 to $300. Of course, what they would actually fetch on e-Bay is anyones guess.


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