Hand Tools Archive 2006

Sargent plane with bedrock type frog

Moses Yoder in White Pigeon, MI
>I am back from the Indyfest, which was of course a great event. I took a tent with me to camp friday night but ended up not setting it up and just slept under the most awesome moonlit sky. Then saturday morning I had to make a run to the atm when 3 guys showed up that were trying to unload a pile of wood that their father had stashed away, so now I have some very politically incorrect chunks of wood to dream about. One thing that I find keeps making a planing contest worthwhile is that there are always people there who are just starting to get interested in planes and want to learn more about them. One of these asked me to look at his common old #4 plane and see what he could do to improve it. At first glance it is just a normal plane, but when I removed the frog to see how well it was seated I unveiled a bedrock type frog. I think this was the Sargent VBM plane, but am interested in learning more about them. When I did a search on Sargent VBM planes in finished auctions on that giant sucking black hole I found very few sold and and most of those for around $10. I would think that this would be a very desirable plane, as good as the bedrock, and was wondering if it is normal for them to go cheap or if it was due to some wrong descriptions perhaps on the part of the seller.

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