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Todd O. Cronkhite Maine Native in Florida Exile:~(
>I've been involved in many shows (non woodworking) over the last ten years, and otherwise honest people just seem to loose their inhabitions and grab things of little and/or of great value. It seems to be the 'screw the "rich" vendor' mentality.

I ain't buying it. anybody over the age of 5 knows what stealing is and that it is wrong. there is NO EXCUSE for this behavior. sure, I imagine that many of us have seen stuff and for a fleeting second thought to ourselves about swiping it. that I believe is human Nature, but actually DOING it is INEXCUSABLE, so don't even try to make an excuse for them.

Mind you, I'm not jumping on you Victor, I'm merely saying that there is no excuse for this. Boy, would I'd like to catch one, just once, and y the time the story got out I'll guarentee that theft a WW shows would cease as folks you be a'fearnin that I'd catch them. Man, how I hate theives!

Todd O.

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