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Damn Thieves

Todd O. Cronkhite Maine Native in Florida Exile:~(
>Sorry to hear of this sad event. I can only imagine Chris's pain and disappointment as more than likely it was a Woodworker, or a tool collector that done this, and I suppose, like most I think that we are a honest group of folk.

Went I went to a end of The Pond gathering down in Tampa a few years back I also went to the woodworking show. while standing at the LN booth oogling and ogaling all the tools, and trying to decide which one I was going to purchase Denab realized that one of the planes was missing and asked if anybody knew where it was. I do believe that I saw the fella that took it, but can't swear to it. I was holding a plane, and a hand reached over my left shoulder, and the right shoulder of the guy beside me and picked up a plane. I thought nothing of it and continued looking at the one I had in my hands. Not 30 seconds later Denab asked where that plane was, and nobody standing at the booth had it, so it must of been that guy who reached over my shoulder. Pretty damn bold eh.

Chris, I sure hope your plane is recovered.

Todd O.

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