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David Weaver
contact adhesive isn't as handy as the rolls. None of these things matter much if an iron is just having its bevel ground.

The adhesive on the rolls is just better - it's instantly available when you apply it, and comes off cleanly with a chisel "cutting" the paper off of glass. The paper rolls do better with absolute flatness vs. scrap.

I'm not sure what klingspor's box costs now, but I believe it's closer to $40, and you get a grab bag of stuff. My last box (I've gotten two) had less useful coarse paper in it and more mid grade paper.

Back to the PSA rolls - I like 4" by 10 yards. If you buy intermittently and at whatever the price, they're often about $20. From time to time, amazon will run something around $10-$12 a roll for quality paper (it won't be mirka, but it may be porter cable branded, for example). When that stuff is $12 a roll, an application 3 feet long is $1.20. It's enough better than belts to forgo the contact adhesive (and you don't need the contact adhesive - the paper has the adhesive only where you want it).

The paper rolls tend to have better action than the cloth paper (which seems to be more geared toward anti-clogging) - I don't know why that is, and 80 grit settles into "slow" 80 grit and is useful for a long time just cleaning off swarf. Stearated and other "filled" belts seem to go really dull quickly.

We're discussing a difference potentially in pennies here to use something that works better and you just roll out and stick down without wait.

Before I could bring my cheap self to buy PSA rolls, I did all sheets, belts, etc, with 3m spray adhesive (i tried water, etc, all of that stuff). If it worked nearly as well, I'd still be doing it.

(i'm not so cheap that I don't just pay $16 a roll or whatever it takes for a new PSA roll when I run low, but if I have one roll on hand and amazon runs a $12 roll under my nose, I'll buy. I'll save the klingspor box for abuse use and to give to the kids.

It is possible to use it - it's possible to use anything. I've flattened several chisels recently on an out of flat medium crystolon and india stone when I didn't want to get stuff off the bench to use the paper lap - but the way I'm suggesting is better. I think this is a case where I have more experience than anyone on here (both in items tried and certainly in sweat and effort perception) and it's better to take advantage of it.

(the reason that I like the 4" rolls is related to planes -I'm sure the 2 3/4" size that's more common and usually cheaper per linear foot is fine for everything else - and it would be fine for planes).

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