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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
you don't want to use salvage belts on a lap - you can't get it flat enough or secure enough to a surface with reasonable effort.

PSA paper is simply a paper backed abrasive with contact adhesive coated on it. Easily replicated from properly selected paper or cloth backed abrasive and a spray can of contact adhesive. Why make you own? Klingsor's version is more costly than making your own. You may want to stick something you already have to a flat or curved surface in the shop. If you can buy PSA that you desire at an acceptable price....agree that is the way to go.

Any abrasive with a flexible backing can be stuck flat on a table saw, jointer bed or piece of glass with 3M repositionable spray can adhesive. Spray it on the back of the abrasive, let the solvent flash and stick. Its advantage is that it does not stick as tenaciously as some PSA backed paper. I agree that the red stuff from Klingspor is backed with a material so stiff it may not stick flat. However, the gold or green abrasive is so limp it will conform to any surface, flat or curved. Ditto on paper. Choose a paper with a stiff backing and it may not stick flat.

I create all sorts of sanding shapes by sticking the limp cloth backed abrasive to cans of various diameter, dowel rods, jointer bed, piece of glass. I dumpster dive the bins at the Klingspor store in NC to secure a variety of grit sizes 80 to 400 then convert it to PSA as needed.

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