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Several tasks mentioned

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
For bevels I am going to stick with the recommendations I made in the Article. It is fast and the result if carried through to the end as good as it gets in my hands.

For plane bottoms I don't disagree with 80 grit stuck to something flat. A busted belt stuck with repositional contact adhesive will mow off cast iron at a breathtaking rate and if done without the care needed result in a plane bottom that will need a trip to the surface grinder to salvage. I have a mile of 80grit I bought for $3 a pound at Klingspore. Provide postage and I will send a lifetime supply.

Driven by a motor I am not dissuaded from the recommendation of zirconia abrasive. Maybe with easily ground steel ALOX is fine but with 3V it was slow and not long lasting compared to the blue stuff. I keep a blue belt on my 6 x 48 belt sander.

For plane blade backs what is best is to order plane blades from Lee Valley and not need to flatten them.

Any chisel pit removal or flattening I have done by hand power has gone so slowly I have decided I will avoid ever buying something that needs it.

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