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is there tree magic?
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David Weaver
I vaguely recall some of the same things being shown as tree or vine when doing brief browsing of woods. I have obscure wants (musical instrument parts, future chess pieces -moving slowly on that :\ , and tool parts, so a big shrub is often fine).

The biggest fruit tree woods I've ever seen are bits and bobs from europe (though I gather those are going away there commercially), but at hearne (so prohibitive - like $22 a board foot for a slab where you could conceivably find about 10-20% to resaw straight parts out of)...

...and from africa, but the africa fruit woods tend to be more dense and hard, and sometimes coarse.

(I was wrong about boxwood - it's not that difficult to find small logs, just not at a price I want to pay).

If there were large apple trees (neighbor has a big one, but I'm sure it'll be bug infested and damaged by the time it shows stress), I'd be all over them to try to split billets. The tree next door is perhaps 20" wide at chest height (which is prime bug area) and even at that, getting usable wood for planes out of it would probably be difficult.

If the (large) european fruit tree industry survives the economic dominance of pygmy trees, I'd be surprised. 22000 acres of orchards where I grew up, and I remember seeing the last big trees pushed over - it was a long time ago.

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