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Buck brothers experiment

David Weaver
..I was trolling ebay to see if the buck brothers irons are still there (no), but will watch from time to time to see if someone has a pile of them.

There's some seller in Tx who has a bunch of unopened tools that appear to be one generation old, and he had one of the buck bro 4s that home depot used to carry. At that time, HD wanted about $40 and a stanley 4 of just about any vintage was about $40. That seemed like a princely sum, and I couldn't bring myself to it.

But this seller was selling the same plane for a little over $20 with shipping, new.

Usually, these experiments yield something that can be made to work but is generally obnoxious to use over time (I like the blue stanley smoothers and found another one earlier this week). We'll see. I'll video it and then subject it to the nasty piece of cocobolo.

This kind of thing is bordering on social irritation because if it turns out to make a usable plane, it will make some people giddy and other people really annoyed. Though the plane isn't on their bench, isn't being used to make a generalized statement and it shouldn't really bother anyone if nothing false is said or done.

Amazon appears to be selling the same or similar plane with a slightly different blade, but I find their $41 plus tax price to be, again, a princely sum.

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