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Rafael from PA
I've no personal experience with LV jointer planes, or other heavier wooden planes. I don't care a lot for heavy planes, a Beechwood jack plane is perfect for my uses.

As a side note, I dug up a woodworking trade publication from the early 1900s a few weeks ago. Lots of advertising for industrial level machinery and several articles on woodwork. In one of these articles the author expresses gratitude for the powered jointer plane. He described the wooden jointer that a woodworker would have had to use in the past as a "man killer", quotes included. This was a hard occupation, with possibly 8 to 14 hour workdays, unnecessary effort was not something readily chosen.

On the other hand there really was a market for fancy planes. Here's something that popped in my feed today, it certainly looks impressive. I wonder if it was more of a trophy plane than a everyday tool.


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