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David Weaver
I have euro pear and african hard pear (which doesn't feel like a fruitwood and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come from a tree that makes pears).

One of the wonderful things about beech when it's straight is how it works. Rosewood (i'm fond of and not so much ebony) when it's straight is a lot the same. It's like a slightly harder beech, so when you get used to certain cuts you do on planes, rosewood is agreeable to things that beech is.

When I made a plane from cocobolo, which is a decent plane, but no aesthetic prize, the grain direction wasn't perfect and there were some consequences in it.

At the hardness of live oak (2600) and density, that's not such a big problem - but if the grain direction is hard to read then you can end up paring chips off of edges when not expecting to. One way to work around that is to back off cuts, try to do things other than cutting cross grain, etc. And then there are other woods like air dried apple where it feels like the wood is waxed and you can kind of do whatever you want, anyway (there must be lots of "apple" types, as I've used kiln dried apple and not gotten the same feel.

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