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David Weaver
.but it was jointer length - something like 26 or 28". It also didn't look professionally made to me, but other than that was in proportion to the european jointer type (handle near the back, mouth much further back than an english plane.

The more recent euro jointers that I've seen have irons that are closer to what we're used to in english planes (most english try/long/jointer planes after the double iron was introduced are 2.5 inches, though I've had a couple of jointers that were 2.75" - their proportions were the same as the other english jointers except for an extra quarter inch of width).

As you're describing the euro planes, I've never had one in between in size. 26" -28 jointers are common to find used in the US (presumably used by people who moved here from continental europe - i mean old planes when describing this, not planes made in the 1900s or later), and if there is a double iron, most of the rest are similar to what people here think of as a "euro smoother" (a 48-50mm wide plane with a double iron and a horn on the front).

Jim on here sent me an ulimia jack to refit, but it's a recent plane and it was made in the style and proportion of english planes.

(at any rate, with the oak jointer that I had, it was either made narrow to make up for the weight of the wood - given it was long - or because that's what someone had available as an iron. I think it was amateur made, but skillfully so - just some of the aesthetics were wonky). It had been used hard, too. Someone either liked it or used it because they had to, but if the latter, they still liked it enough for that.

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