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> Separately, a long time ago, I bought a group of wooden planes and one of them was a euro jointer in some kind of dense oak. Not sure if it was narrow to make up for the density of the oak, but the iron was only 48mm, which made it difficult to use for match planing, etc, and difficult to use for truing (narrower on a try plane sized plane makes it harder to keep flatness by eye and feel as the width counts along with the length for that).

French traditionally had no “jack plane”, but “demie varlope”, literally “half plane” where the standard plane was the jointer. Roubo describes the full length jointer as a 27 inches long plane, and the half plane as “6 inches less”, with a lower bed angle and a cambered blade. A fore plane of sorts. Keep in mind that the royal French inch around 1800 is probably not 2.54cm. My demie varlope is 51cm and has a 45mm wide 4mm thick tapered blade. My jointer is 68cm wide and has a 60mm wide blade.

What you had was probably a fore plane. Which is narrow, like a scrub plane.

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