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David Weaver
..in order to get something good for planes, you'll probably need to buy 16/4 flatsawn.

It's heavy, though, and will make a heavy plane. There's a fellow named terry cross on youtube (not suggesting this) who has thick wide slabs and I contacted him years ago and contemplated buying a large slab to cut plane blanks from, but most that I've seen cracks at some point and specific gravity is about 1 at stable ambient moisture (beech is just over 0.7).

I think it may have promise for coffin smoothers, but will need to be used in smaller or narrower planes for jack through jointer unless you want a small dense jack. A beech jointer is already a load (28 inch planes usually range from 8 to 11 pounds depending on the wood and what's been done to them - some are soaked with linseed oil or something similar and very heavy).

Separately, a long time ago, I bought a group of wooden planes and one of them was a euro jointer in some kind of dense oak. Not sure if it was narrow to make up for the density of the oak, but the iron was only 48mm, which made it difficult to use for match planing, etc, and difficult to use for truing (narrower on a try plane sized plane makes it harder to keep flatness by eye and feel as the width counts along with the length for that).

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